Glock 26/27/33 - IWB

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Handmade form fit holsters custom to your gun model. It will protect your firearm from the elements while keeping it extremely secure. This holster is designed to fit on the inside of your pants and concealed carry. It’s coupled best with a stiff sturdy belt. Kydex is a very durable thermoplastic, it is highly resistant to temperature and chemicals. Which makes it ideal for holsters and very easy to clean. Our IWB holsters are fitted with metal belt clips. It makes your everyday carry safer with less concern of your firearm falling out or being able to depress the trigger accidentally.

Best IWB Holster for Glock 26

There is no substitute for an inside-the-waistband (IWB) Kydex holster for concealed carry holster ultimate discretion. Sitting tight against the inside of your waistband, it is hidden from view, which is a state requirement in many jurisdictions. The holster design enables you to move freely without showing your firearm while keeping your gun within easy reach.

A leather holster may lose its elasticity over time, but Kydex material holds its shape. You can keep it secure on your strong side for maximum comfort or move your holster to your weaker side if you prefer to cross-draw with your dominant hand. Use the adjustable retention to raise or lower the ride height, and change the carry angle for easy access to your firearm.

You can attach your waistband holster using a belt clip or slide your belt through the loops for secure fastening. Find your most comfortable carrying position, behind the hipbone, or slightly forward in an appendix carry stance. An Incognito Concealment holster for Glock 26 firearms covers the trigger guard, preventing accidental discharges. This feature is especially crucial if you are active when carrying a gun.

While an open carry type of holster can be larger, our Kydex Glock 26 holsters are compact and suitable for everyday use. If you carry your firearm for self- or home-defense, you can choose discreet colors that blend in with your clothing and are challenging to see in dark lighting.

Our Kydex holsters are more durable than softer materials, protecting your Glock from harmful moisture and chemicals. The low-friction material ensures you do not scratch or scrape your gun frame when removing it from the holster, and it allows a smoother draw.

For the best IWB holster for Glock 26 firearms, contact our friendly team at Incognito Concealment.

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