Taurus G2C/PT111 - IWB

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Handmade form fit holsters custom to your gun model. It will protect your firearm from the elements while keeping it extremely secure. This holster is designed to fit on the inside of your pants and concealed carry. It’s coupled best with a stiff sturdy belt. Kydex is a very durable thermoplastic, it is highly resistant to temperature and chemicals. Which makes it ideal for holsters and very easy to clean. Our IWB holsters are fitted with metal belt clips. It makes your everyday carry safer with less concern of your firearm falling out or being able to depress the trigger accidentally.

Taurus G2C IWB Holster

Incognito Concealment supplies hand-crafted Taurus G2C holsters that are made in the United States. The Taurus PT111 / G2 / G2C is a small and lightweight firearm that is ideal for concealed carry holsters.

There is no need to wear bulky clothes because the slimline, low-profile design of our IWB Kydex holsters ensure your firearm is invisible, even to bystanders. The holster sits between your waist and your pants, and you can clip it onto your waistband with the attached metal clip. To prevent your pants from sagging, you can purchase a gun belt that supports the weight of the gun and holster.

Incognito Concealment’s IWB holster for Taurus G2C pistols has fully-adjustable height and cant settings, so you can find the most comfortable position for carrying your weapon. Tilt the angle of your gun for easy access to the handgrip, so you have the best position to locate, draw, aim, and fire your weapon when required.

Because Kydex is a hard thermoplastic, it maintains its shape. This ensures your gun does not sag or tilt when in the holster. Despite being robust, Kydex does not have to be uncomfortable. At Incognito Concealment, we’ve developed one of the most comfortable Kydex holsters that also offers superior retention.

You can choose your preferred hand orientation so you can keep the holster on your strong side. If you add laser or light rails to your weapon, we offer Taurus holsters that take account of these extra fittings. You can also choose from a vast range of colors.

Incognito Concelament’s Taurus G2C IWB holster comes with a lifetime warranty, and our unrivaled customer service experience ensures you can contact us at any time for help and advice.

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