Kimber - IWB

Kimber IWB Holster

Kimber is a well-regarded brand of small arms that is used by the USA Shooting Team and trusted by the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team. Kimber America makes multiple series of rifles and a revolver, but they are most famous for their pistols. Their full-size 1911 9mm models are renowned for their top quality build and firing power.

Kimber was founded in 1979 by a gun industry veteran who started by developing rifles. Within 20 years, their focus shifted to pistols, specializing in the 1911-style pistols that they are now most famous for.

These incredible pistols deserve a heavy-duty holster that is perfectly suited for their concealable design. Incognito Concealment has developed molded Kydex holsters that securely hold each pistol and can be customized to suit your concealed carry needs.

Which Style of Holster is Best?

Open carry laws require users to keep their guns visible, which usually requires an Outside-the-Waistband holster. These holsters are usually attached to the outside of a belt using loops and do not take up any space on the inside of the pants.

Paddle holsters are a type of OWB holster that uses a flat, pancake-shaped belt clip to hold it in place. This allows the holster to be removed as needed, but still usually keeps the gun visible.

Many owners prefer to concealed carry their guns, which usually requires an Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holster. These holsters use sturdy belt clips to attach to the waistband, making them easy to conceal with just a shirt.

Although Kimber 1911s are great for open carry, they are great candidates for IWB holsters. These large guns need a carefully-designed IWB holster in order to be comfortable, though. Like other guns, they shouldn’t be simply carried in your waistband, as this is unsafe and can cause loss or accidental firing.

Types of Kimber IWB Holsters

Kimber IWB holsters must strike a balance of comfort and security. Because they are inside the pants and harder for an assailant to remove the gun from, most IWB holsters use minimal snaps or latches to hold the gun in place. This makes it easier to pull out when you’re actually ready to use it.

Leather gun holsters are very comfortable, but they can be damaged by water or sweat over the long-term. Leather holsters require careful cleaning in maintenance, and may still get stretched out over time, causing them to ft less snugly.

Kydex thermoplastic provides a custom-molded, highly durable holster that resists water and stretching. With the right molding and design, Kydex holsters can still be incredibly comfortable as well, making them the perfect concealed carry holster.

Concealed Carry Best Practices

A high-quality IWB Kydex holster is a huge asset, but it must be carried correctly. First, adjust the belt clip to make sure it fits snugly over your belt.

Your main options for concealed carry are to carry it in the small of your back, or at your hip. However, some people find appendix carry to be more comfortable. All these options should be attainable with the right clothing and holster.

Also, make sure to wear an undershirt underneath your holster. This can make it even more comfortable to wear without compromising access or security.

Incognito Concealment’s Holsters

Incognito Concealment’s holsters are made of 0.08” molded Kydex, which offers a balance of strength and comfort. They are streamlined to reduce bulk and weight while remaining uncompromising on security. Because they don’t rely on straps to hold the gun in place, these holsters are ideal for quickdraws in an emergency.

They use stainless steel screws and belt clips and can be adjusted and customized to fit your needs. Customization options include appendix modwing (claw), belt size, hand orientation, and even color and pattern. We make everything easy to compare and select on our website, so you can get the perfect holster for you quickly.

Questions and Customer Service

Incognito Concealment is proud to offer a huge range of molded Kydex holsters for a variety of models, including a Kimber 1911 9mm holster. We worked hard to engineer these holsters to be the best they can be, and know our products inside and out. If you have any questions about customization options or the right holster for you, call us at (586) 333-4240.