Ruger - IWB

Buy the Ruger IWB Holster for Concealed Gun Carrying

The Ruger American IWB holster for concealed gun carrying is designed with a belt clip action for comfortable concealment of your pistol. Our Ruger IWB holster range is handmade and formed to fit your gun model.

Offering protection from the elements and superb security, the Ruger holster easily attaches to your belt with adjustable retention and fits on the inside of your pants at the front, rear, or sides for a fully concealed carry.

Benefits of an Incognito Concealment Ruger Holster

The Ruger IWB Kydex holster range offers durability. Our Kydex holsters are high strength, providing greater protection for your weapon compared to a leather paddle holster.

Kydex is a low-density thermoplastic that can be easily shaped to fit the barrel of your gun, making it the perfect material for a belt holster to conceal your Ruger pistol.

Our Kydex holders are easy to clean, have a natural sweat guard, and are highly resistant to temperature and chemicals, giving you a long-term holster solution for your weapon.

For a low-profile, safe, everyday carry, the Ruger holster range keeps your firearm from falling out and depressing the trigger accidentally.

Ruger American 45 IWB Holster

Compared to nylon and leather-made Ruger holsters, our Kydex holsters offer supreme quality and comfort. Our Ruger American 45 holster is a great solution if you’re looking for optimal concealment and safety. Adjustable retention and a sweat guard are great holster features, meaning you can draw your firearm smoothly and uninterrupted.

You can adjust this holster to find that perfect angle to suit your carry style.

Ruger American 9 IWB Holster

As one of the best polymer frame, striker-fired pistols in the world, the Ruger American 9 is a popular firearm. This gun deserves respect, and there’s no better waistband holster to carry your pistol at the correct ride height than the Incognito Concealment IWB holster, specifically designed for the full-sized Ruger American 9.

Carrying your firearm shouldn’t cause discomfort. The slimline design of our holsters provides maximum comfort and the best in low-profile concealment for your gun.

Ruger LC9/LC9S/LC380/EC9S IWB Holster

Designed to fit four Ruger firearm models, this fantastic gun holster is incredibly versatile and secure. If you own two or more of these models, benefit from buying one holster for all your Ruger weapons, saving you money and giving you access to all your firearms at once.

It’s a great holster if you’re heading down to the firing range for some target practice.

Effortlessly concealed and with all the security of an IWB holster, you’re not constantly having to adjust your gun. Just clip on and go.

Ruger LCP IWB Holster

The subcompact Ruger LCP pistol is worthy of an effective holster. Subcompact weapons can be difficult to holster because most solutions on the market aren’t the right fit. No such problem with Incognito Concealment holsters. Our products provide the perfect fit for your Ruger LCP firearm.

Not too big or too snug, the Ruger LCP holster from Incognito Concealment is sized to suit your gun, preventing weapons from snagging and getting damaged, while keeping your draw clean and uninterrupted.

Ruger Security 9 IWB Holster

The Ruger Security 9 is one of the most popular self-defense weapons in America and should be paired with the best holster available. Offering full concealment, the Incognito Concealment holster for the Ruger Security 9 is safe, secure, and comfortable.

Featuring adjustable retention, you can customize the resistance of this high-quality holster for a quick, smooth draw.

Customize Your Holster

Available in a range of colors and belt sizes, our holsters for the Ruger American gun range can be customized to suit you. All Incognito Concealment carry holsters come in left- or right-hand orientation to suit your stance and ensure that your draw is perfect every time you go for your weapon.

For comfort, concealment, safety, and security our Kydex belt holster solutions are the best investment for optimum gun carrying.