IWB SCCY Holster

SCCY is one of the newer firearms manufacturers, but they have quickly established their weapons as impressive self-defense tools. Their flagship handguns, the SCCY CPX-1 and the CPX-2 are both particularly impressive. However, they are at their most effective when they are paired with a high-performance holster.

Since SCCY is a relatively newer manufacturer, there are not many holsters available that are just right for their firearms. Incognito Concealment has developed belt clip Kydex holsters that are both comfortable and concealable. You won’t find better concealed carry holsters suited for SCCY handguns. Pick your style, your IWB SCCY holster can be the most comfortable, secure holster you’ve ever owned.

Incognito Concealment Waistband Holsters

Incognito Concealment develops a number of high-quality holsters both in IWB and OWB styles. Our IWB Kydex holsters are particularly effective for SCCY handguns. Our IWB holsters make concealment easy and comfortable to carry. Thanks to our strong Kydex builds, our holsters also have a lifetime warranty.

Our gun holsters are superior for many reasons, such as fully versatile ride height and easily adjustable cant. However, the most important factor of our holsters is that they are always the perfect fit. We design each and every one of our holsters based on the exact specifications of specific firearms, ensuring a perfect fit every single time.

The premium Kydex build of the holsters also ensures they are very durable and resistant against a number of damaging agents. Kydex is incredibly difficult to break and is shock absorbent, protecting the internal workings of your handgun. It is also waterproof and even resistant to corrosive chemical agents.

Incognito Concealment has meticulously analyzed the SCCY CPX-1 and the SCCY CPX-2 to develop the best possible holsters for both firearms. The holster fits perfectly, providing your gun with better protection and ensuring you can use your gun more effectively to protect yourself.

SCCY CPX-1 Holster IWB

The SCCY CPX-1 is one of the most recently celebrated subcompact 9mm pistols. Anyone who owns a subcompact firearm knows that when carrying the weapon, it is essential to have the right type of holster. Incognito Concealment recognizes this, which is why we have developed the most high-performance IWB holster available for the CPX-1.

An ill-fitting holster can wreak damage upon a subcompact gun and can even lead to dangerous situations. If the holster is too big, it can wear and strip away the finish of the gun. Your gun is also more likely to slip out of the holster and become damaged. Moisture can easily affect the inner components of your gun if the holster isn’t tight enough.

However, the most dangerous thing about an ill-fitting holster is how it affects your draw. When a holster is too loose, the gun can shift around inside. In this scenario, when you reach for your gun, you have a greater chance of fumbling. That’s why Incognito Concealment has made the IWB CPX-1 holster fit the gun perfectly.

SCCY CPX-2 Holster IWB

The followup to the CPX-1, the CPX-2 proved to be another great subcompact 9mm handgun. Such a great gun deserves to be paired with a great holster. That’s where Incognito Concealment comes in. We’ve made an IWB holster worthy of the CPX-2. The low profile and slim frame make this holster effortlessly concealable and comfortable for extensive carry.

Some gun owners are wary of carrying IWB Kydex holsters because of past bad experiences. Some Kydex holsters are bulky and uncomfortable, especially if they are not properly fitted to the specific model of handgun.

For those who have always used leather holsters, low-quality Kydex holsters are a turn-off. Incognito Concealment has taken notice of this and developed an IWB holster you will love. There is no break-in period, and the slim profile makes this holster feel like it belongs against your waist. Fully-adjustable retention features allow you to fine-tune your holsters settings to give you the perfect draw, which not many leather holsters can achieve.

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You can easily get your hands on these great holsters for your SCCY handguns today by browsing Incognito Concealment’s online store. You won’t believe how effective our holsters are until you try them for yourself. You can contact us at (586) 333-4240 for more information.