About Company



Our Corporate Culture

My staff and I have a deep sense of patriotism and devotion to the constitution which ultimately resulted in the creation of Incognito Concealment.

We believe in the Second Amendment and strive to turn those who may have been victims into victors.

Every citizen must remain vigilant against those who want to subvert the Constitution and commit evil acts. We have a responsibility as citizens of this great country of ours to protect those we love dearly no matter the cost. 

I will never forget the day a woman walked into our gun shop to buy a gun. She described how she had been raped and abused. She was determined never again to be a defenseless victim.

These are the people we want to help to become their own first responders.

Our History

I grew up working at my dad's gun shop, attending gun shows, and learning all I could about the firearms industry. Also, I have carried many different brands of handguns over the years and used various styles of holsters. 

One thing that always puzzled me was how difficult it was to find the right holster for a gun. At our shop, we often did not stock holsters that fit a customer’s weapon of choice. Even if we did have a holster for the brand of gun, accessories used by the client, such as a laser sight or other attachment, meant a standard holster would not work. Often off-the-shelf holsters would not work for left-handed shooters either. Most brands did not offer options and only manufactured a one-size-fits-all for use with a variety of generic handgun brands. 

These holsters worked well for customers with conventional weapons with no accessories or were on a budget. However, these generic holsters never gave the same level of functionality, retention, draw speed, safety, and security that a custom Kydex holster provides. In addition, I tried many different holsters for my Glock 27 and HK USPc, attempting in vain to find the right one to suit my needs. Ultimately, I never did find one that truly satisfied all my concerns and needs. To this day I have a bin of over $1000 worth of holsters I no longer use.

One day I realized the solution: why not create my own holster to meet my needs and, better, offer customized solutions to meet my client's needs.

It has not been an easy process. My team and I spent years doing research, attempting by trial and error to find the right method of creating a comfortable, safe, and functional holster for a client and his or her personal handgun preference. We work hard to improve our processes and equipment to create the best product and service possible. Furthermore, we invest in equipment, materials, engineering, and infrastructure. Eventually, my staff and I began to learn by trial and error what worked best.

Every day and with every holster, we add to our store of knowledge. We continually strive to discover new every-day-carry solutions for our clients that include, but also go beyond the standard Kydex holsters. 

Our Commitment to You

  • Incognito Concealment stands firm in our support for our military and law enforcement brethren as well as every day civilians.
  • We are staunch advocates of not only our constitutional Right to Bear Arms but support those who enjoy firearms as a sport. 
  • Our goal is to give our customers the very best solution possible for their concealed carry needs. 

 - Joseph Kuehn. CEO


Custom Orders

We offer the option to make you a custom and one of a kind holster designed specifically for your firearm. It can be any style, color etc. If it is a gun or has an attachment that is mainstream we can offer the option for us to order in that gun or attachment. If it is too obsolete or obscure for us to purchase currently then we give the option for you to ship your firearm or attachment directly to our FFL storefront. We are in the same building and partnered with IFA Tactical Gun Shop in Sterling Heights, Michigan. If you have any questions regarding custom holsters please email us or give us a call.


IFA Tactical

Far back as I can remember, my dad has always had an interest in everything related to firearms, history and our military. I suppose I am a prime example of the adage “history repeats itself” as I developed a keen interest from an early age in everything firearm related.

As a young man, I remember my dad bringing home guns, ammo, and cool military surplus gear. I have also always had a very strong interest in history, military history to be specific. As the years went by my dad bought, sold, learned and built connections within the firearms’ community. He took me to gun shows in the Metro Detroit area. He raised me to have a strong sense of patriotism and desire to always fight for what is right. He instilled in me his deep appreciation and respect for those who have served and currently serve in the Armed Forces and law enforcement.

Thus, IFA Tactical was born.

My dad started the business by selling gear and accessories out of the basement. Eventually we moved our inventory to a small storage unit. When we ran out of room there, we leased a small commercial warehouse unit. Eventually, we moved to it's current location. IFA Tactical is now a successful business with a brick and mortar storefront and a growing online retail presence that has had a powerful impact in the Second Amendment Community. We offer a wide variety of products and services. I have helped manage every aspect of the company which has helped me to have a deeper understanding of the needs of every day consumers. IFA Tactical is a partner company of Incognito Concealment.