Glock 33 Holsters

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    The Venture is a covert, outside the waistband holster designed to contour the shape of the wearers body, minimizing printing and maximizing comfort. This close-fitting, pancake design results in a highly versatile holster, capable of both open and...

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    Incognito Concealment's OWB is an outside the waistband holster designed for open or range carry. The paddle mounting system allows for quick, easy, and secure attachment to the user’s belt while still maintaining the retention and security levels...

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    If you're seeking extreme minimalism with firm trigger guard retention, the Minimalist Trigger Guard is ideal. It ensures safety by fully covering the trigger guard, reducing the risk of accidental discharges. You can opt to attach it using paracord to...

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    The T3 is a low-profile, inside the waistband holster, allowing for maximum concealability while providing a level of comfort capable of all day wear. Design features such as a fully enclosed trigger guard, sweat shield, and adjustable retention ensure...

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The Glock 33 was introduced by the world-renowned Austrian gunmaker in 1997 as the .357 SIG-chambered equivalent to the Glock 27. The G33 is part of Glock’s original subcompact family of carry pistols, primarily designed to be carried in a concealed holster.

Are you looking for a high-quality holster to keep this powerful and reliable carry pistol safe? Incognito Concealment holsters are ideal for the job, designed with both your safety and comfort in mind.

Glock 33 Specifications

The Glock 33 is one of the most powerful semi-automatic concealed carry pistols available on the market, primarily due to its chambering: the .357 SIG cartridge. All versions of the Glock 33 were made according to the Gen3 and Gen4 standards, meaning they all possess the trademark Glock finger grooves.

.357 SIG is based on the .40 S&W cartridge, but necked down to 0.355”. This specification allows the Glock 33 to fire the same projectiles as the more common 9x19mm Parabellum but at much higher velocities, resulting in higher energy and terminal effectiveness at the cost of higher recoil.

Many law enforcement agencies have adopted the .357 SIG cartridge, praising its performance and effectiveness in real-world situations.

The Glock 33 is similar to the other double-stack Glock subcompact pistols, featuring the same patented Glock double-action trigger and internal design features (marketed as the “Safe-Action” system) as most other models in Glock’s catalog. The pistol’s dimensions and magazine capacity are of particular interest for one reason: the G33 is identical to the Glock 27 in every aspect except the barrel’s chambering.

Many parts between the G33 and G27 are 100% interchangeable, including the slide and the magazines (the only difference is the markings). This particularity makes your Glock 33 holster compatible with the Glock 27 and vice versa.

 To Maximize Concealment Choose a Glock 33 Inside the Waistband Holster

If you wish to maximize concealment, pairing a high-quality IWB (inside the waistband) carry holster with a subcompact pistol such as the Glock 33 is ideal. The gun’s reduced dimensions mean the corresponding gun holster is smaller and easier to carry than an equivalent full-size handgun.

Shooters looking to deep-carry the Glock 33 with an IWB holster have two primary options: the standard IWB holster and the AIWB holster (Appendix IWB). If you prefer to carry OWB (outside the waistband), Incognito’s holster experts have designed a suitable high-quality paddle holster.

The Incognito T3: An Excellent Standard IWB Carry Gun Holster

Incognito Concealment’s T3 series of Kydex holsters include a version compatible with the Glock 33 pistol.

The T3 is a Kydex holster fabricated using low-profile 0.08” Kydex sheets. This design protects your firearm from body sweat and provides excellent weapon retention without compromising concealment. This holster model comes standard with a 1.5” metal belt clip. However, you can also order it with a 1.75” extended belt clip.

As with other Incognito Concealment products, this dependable holster features an adjustable retention screw, a fully covered trigger guard, an open-ended, custom-molded retention shell, and mounting points for an appendix modwing. Although the standard color is tactical black, the T3 is available in over 50 patterns and color options to suit any preferences.


The Incognito Flex: A Two-Piece AIWB Holster Design for Enhanced Comfort

If you enjoy the comfort and natural draw of appendix IWB carry carrying, the Flex 2-Piece AIWB holster may be the holster option you need.

The Flex’s two-piece design combines a Kydex holster shell with a single magazine carrier. This 100% USA-made holster and magazine carrier combination features everything you need for everyday AIWB carry, including a textured appendix modwing and one metal holster belt clip on each piece (one on the holster, one on the magazine carrier).

The Flex’s comfortable hardware design is designed to provide you with a quick, smooth draw. It is constructed using the same low-profile Kydex holster sheets as the T3, providing the best structural integrity and concealability combination. You can customize your Flex to your color preferences with one of our 50+ color and pattern options.

The Incognito ST7-Pro Paddle Holster: Concealable OWB Carry

Although OWB holster designs aren’t typically associated with concealed carry, it is possible with the right cover garments, such as an untucked shirt, a vest, or a coat. You can even maintain concealment and minimize printing with a quality low-profile OWB holster.

If this carry method is for you, consider pairing a small handgun such as the Glock 33 with a high-quality paddle holster. This combination offers the best compromise between practicality and concealment and provides excellent weapon retention.

The Incognito ST7-Pro paddle holster is smaller than a typical OWB duty holster while providing excellent weapon retention. The Kydex shell is highly durable, making it ideal for protecting your firearm from scratches and impacts. The wide paddle features 3 gripping teeth, ensuring maximum grip when in place, even without a gun belt.