Glock 48 Holsters

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    The Venture is a covert, outside the waistband holster designed to contour the shape of the wearers body, minimizing printing and maximizing comfort. This close-fitting, pancake design results in a highly versatile holster, capable of both open and...

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    Incognito Concealment's OWB is an outside the waistband holster designed for open or range carry. The paddle mounting system allows for quick, easy, and secure attachment to the user’s belt while still maintaining the retention and security levels...

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    The Stash is an inside the waistband, spare magazine carrier developed for those who would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. The low-profile, contoured design of the Stash makes it highly concealable without sacrificing comfort...

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    The M1 is an outside the waistband, single magazine carrier for those who choose to be prepared without sacrificing accessibility or comfort. The flat, pancake design rides close to the body, minimizing printing while concealed and allowing for a snag...

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    If you're seeking extreme minimalism with firm trigger guard retention, the Minimalist Trigger Guard is ideal. It ensures safety by fully covering the trigger guard, reducing the risk of accidental discharges. You can opt to attach it using paracord to...

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    The M2 is an outside the waistband, double magazine carrier developed for those who like to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Utilizing two belt loops, the M2 effectively distributes the weight of two loaded magazines across a greater area,...

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    The T3 is a low-profile, inside the waistband holster, allowing for maximum concealability while providing a level of comfort capable of all day wear. Design features such as a fully enclosed trigger guard, sweat shield, and adjustable retention ensure...

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The Glock 19 is the reference model for shooters looking to carry a compact Glock chambered in 9x19mm. However, one of the most common criticisms regarding the G19’s design is the double-stack frame’s thickness, often considered uncomfortable for shooters with smaller hands.

In response, the Austrian manufacturer released the Glock 48 in 2019, followed by the G48 MOS version in 2021. Here’s why you should consider the G48 and what gun holster model best fits this new Glock pistol.

What the Glock 48 is Intended For

At first glance, the Glock 48 may seem virtually identical to its double-stack equivalent, the Glock 19 Gen 5. Both handguns share the same 9x19mm chambering, overall length, slide length, and height. Additionally, Glock lists the G19 and the G48 in the compact pistol category of their catalog.

However, upon closer inspection, the G48’s design differences make its intended purposes more apparent. The slim design frame is virtually identical to the Glock 43X but paired with a longer barrel length (4.17” instead of 3.41”) and slide, meaning the G48 and the G43X share the same single-stack 10-round magazines.

This means that you can view the Glock 48 as a longer-barreled version of the G43X, similar to the relation between the double-stack Glock 19 and Glock 26 pistols.


Best Gun Holster Options for the Standard Glock 48

As a single-stack equivalent to the G18, the Glock 48 is one of the thinnest and most concealable pistols in the Austrian gunmaker’s lineup. If you’re wondering which carry holster best fits this model, you have multiple choices at your disposal depending on your preferences.

Achieve Maximum Concealment with an IWB holster

An inside the waistband holster (IWB) is the concealed carrier’s traditional concealment holster choice. When worn correctly, the handgun and the holster disappear under the shooter’s shirt without needing to wear an extra layer.

If you prefer using an IWB carry gun holster, the Incognito Concealment T3 is the ideal high-quality, low-profile Kydex holster for IWB carrying applications. The T3 is designed explicitly to minimize the handgun’s profile and eliminate printing, improving concealability.

The open-ended, pancake holster design provides excellent weapon retention and full trigger guard coverage without obstructing the muzzle, ideal for G48 pistols with threaded barrels.

This discreet holster is compatible with 3 belt clip options: Standard 1.5”, standard 1.75”, and low-profile 1.5”. These choices let you install the T3 on nearly any gun belt in your wardrobe.

Enjoy Ultimate Comfort and Practicality with a Paddle Holster

The primary advantage of paddle holsters is their easy-on, easy-off capability, allowing you to adjust and change its position and orientation without using a gun belt.

If you’re in the market for an everyday carry paddle holster, the Incognito ST7-Pro is the quality holster option you need. The ST7-Pro employs an open-ended pancake holster style similar to the IWB T3 but adapted for use with a large, 3-tooth paddle.

Although the primary drawback of a paddle holster is the increased profile compared to a standard belt holster, the ST7-Pro employs low-profile, concealment-friendly Kydex sheets in its construction, making it ideal for both concealed and open carry where legal.

Carry Holsters for the Glock 48 MOS

The Glock 48 MOS is the red-dot-ready version of the original G48. The primary difference with the standard G48 is the slide, featuring cuts and a mounting point for a micro red dot sight.

However, the G48 MOS has another equally important feature not found on the original 48: a frame with an accessory rail identical to the one used in the Glock 43X. The additional capabilities allow shooters to install a tactical light or a laser sight in addition to the slide-mounted red dot sight, giving it the practicality usually only found in duty pistols.

Comfortable Holster Options for Home Defense

The Glock 48 MOS is ideally suited for home defense, especially when paired with a quality micro red dot sight (RDS) and tactical light. Due to the similarities in frame design, you can carry a G48 MOS in a holster designed for the G43X as long as it features an open-ended pancake holster design.

An OWB holster is ideal when carrying at home because you don’t need to worry about concealment. Quality OWB holsters are durable, comfortable, and provide a smooth draw and an excellent way to safely stage and carry the weapon.

The ideal OWB holster for home defense applications is the Incognito Venture. You can configure it with cuts for your micro RDS and 3 light and laser attachments (Surefire XSC, Streamlight TLR-6, Streamlight TLR-7 Sub). We also offer more than 50 pattern and color options to let you customize your holster to your preferences.


Practical and Durable Holster Choices for Competition

Although a ten-shot compact pistol like the Glock 48 MOS may seem like an unusual choice for competition applications, there are three reasons to consider this handgun:

  1. Experts recommend competition shooting as a training aid, as they create a safe but high-stress shooting environment comparable to a self-defense scenario.
  2. The G48 MOS features a 10-shot magazine, meeting the magazine requirements for multiple popular shooting divisions, such as USPSA Production and IDPA.
  3. Competing with the same handguns as those you use for self-defense increases the quality of your training.

A custom holster for competition must prioritize safety. Although standard passive retention models are comfortable carry holsters, they do not offer the level of safety needed for competition shooting environments.

Instead, consider using a retention holster such as the Incognito Aegis. This holster is a Level 2 retention holster, meaning it combines the holster’s natural, friction-based passive retention with one active retention system: a locking hood mechanism. These features work together to achieve excellent weapon retention and safety.