IWB Holster In Detroit

A good IWB concealed carry holster can be unfortunately difficult to come by. However, if you’re a gun owner in the Detroit area there is good news. Incognito Concealment (IC) offers the most high-performance holsters in the Detroit area. Our holsters provide a quick draw but also feature just the right amount of retention to keep your firearm safe and secure running or walking. At IC, your ability to defend yourself is our priority and that is why we’ve developed such an outstanding IWB holster.

Incognito IWB Holsters

You may have encountered issues with IWB holsters before. It is quite common for gun owners to experience trouble with holsters that are not up to snuff and these negative experiences can sour people on IWB holsters. Our first assurance is that these problems will not apply to Incognito holsters. Incognito Concealment holsters offer a smooth and reliable draw every time no matter what.

Common issues with IWB holsters are snag or that the gun catches on parts of the holster on the draw. Not only is this very annoying but it can also be incredibly dangerous if you find yourself in an emergency situation where drawing your gun quickly could be a matter of life or death.

Our IWB holster design features a smooth no-catch surface with not inconvenient angles that could potentially interrupt your draw. Each holster is perfectly optimized so that your draw can happen lightning quick.

In fact, here at Incognito Concealment, we craft our holster molds to fit individual gun models. This promotes high-performance results in two ways. Firstly, retention is perfect. If the gun fits like a glove in its holster it won’t be loose and shift around inside the holster. The second is that it makes drawing easier because you know exactly where your gun will be at all times.

Premium Kydex Holsters

We take individual gun models from most major gun manufacturers like Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger just to name a few, and use the gun’s dimensions to craft a perfectly fitting Kydex holster. We use only the best materials to make our high-quality IWB holsters which is why we made the decision to use premium Kydex which is widely regarded as the best gun holster manufacturing material.

Kydex is the second half of the high-performance equation. While our unique holster design gives you an excellent draw, the Kydex helps too. Unlike leather and nylon polymer holsters, Kydex does not present any material that can cause your gun to catch on the draw. It provides a perfectly smooth pull from start to finish. It doesn’t hurt that it is incredibly durable as well.


The time to upgrade to an Incognito Concealment holster is now. Don’t gamble your safety on an inferior holster. You can rest assured that purchasing an IC holster is purchasing a dependable self-defense tool. You won’t believe how good it feels to finally have a great holster at the ready for your favorite firearm. Contact us today at 586-257-2178.