IWB Holster

Best IWB Holsters

Gun holsters are a key part of a gun owner’s collection of accessories and make all the difference when carrying your gun in public or on your property. Although individual preference plays a key role in what style of gun holster is right for you, inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters are a favorite among owners with concealed carry permits.

Choosing the best IWB holster on the market requires careful consideration of materials, size, design, and overall security. Incognito Concealment makes IWB Kydex holsters that are durable, secure, and comfortable enough for everyday use.

These carefully-engineered holsters went through several rounds of improvements before we debuted our final product. They can be customized to fit a huge range of brands and models of firearms, making them a must-have for concealed carry enthusiasts.

Why IWB Holsters?

Although there are many types of holsters available on the market, IWB holsters have some distinct advantages. They are the easiest to conceal while maintaining safe and easy access in an emergency.

Outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters do not take up any room inside your waistband, making them easier to wear without buying a larger pair of pants. Paddle holsters use a large pancake-shaped belt clip to hold them in place while allowing them to be removed when needed. However, both of these cannot be concealed without a jacket on top.

Shoulder holsters are a decent option for concealed carry, but their straps can sometimes show through thin fabric. They are not feasible during warm-weather months or with any attire other than a jacket or oversized shirt.

Ankle holsters are harder to access quickly, making them less feasible for self-defense. Belly bands and fanny packs are secure but can be uncomfortable and add more bulk under clothes. Purse holsters should be avoided, as they are too easily lost or stolen.

IWB holsters are best for concealed carry, and can even be used for open carry if the butt of the gun is left uncovered. Waistband holsters in general remain one of the most popular options for general everyday carry, and most gun owners get both an IWB and an OWB holster for added flexibility.

Your right to concealed carry varies by state, so always stay up-to-date on current laws and regulations while traveling. Many states have reciprocity agreements for CCW licenses from other states, so you can stay safe on-the-go.

Holster Material

Leather is traditionally a popular material for concealable holsters because it is comfortable and flexible. It is very strong overall and holds up well if it is well-cared-for. Leather holsters are high-maintenance and can be damaged or stretched over time. They also tend to trap, rather than repel, moisture, which can corrode your firearm.

Kydex is a modern high-performance thermoplastic that can be molded to carefully fit specific gun models. Because of its stiffness, it can snap in place around a gun to hold it securely. It is strong and durable, allowing it to hold up without bending or breaking through years of wear.

Hybrid holsters use both leather and Kydex in an attempt to balance comfort and strength. However, these holsters may struggle with construction and durability issues due to the unique challenge of joining these two materials together.

Nylon holsters use a strong fabric, but this fabric is difficult to form into a secure shape to hold the gun in. They usually must use thumb straps or a flap to keep the gun in place, slowing your draw time. Over the years, nylon frays and you may find your gun catching on the material when you draw.

Ultimately, Kydex remains the best option for IWB holsters. Although it is stiff, it can still be very comfortable because of its lightweight and ability to be molded into smooth shapes.

Holster Size and Thickness

The size of an ideal IWB holster varies widely based on the size of the gun. It is possible for a subcompact or pocket pistol holster to take up less than a 6” by 7” area, making it incredibly easy to conceal even under a T-shirt.

The width of guns does not vary nearly as much as its length and height, so thickness is not as much of a concern as a concealable area. Most guns are around 1” thick, with some full-size pistols running closer to 1.25”.

Full-size pistols stretch up to 9” long and can be up to 6.5” high. If you need the firepower of a full-size pistol, you can still achieve some concealment with a thin, yet sturdy, Kydex holster.

A pocket pistol is inevitably easier to achieve deep concealment with, but deep concealment is not necessarily a legal requirement. If you are wearing a jacket or even a thick and loose T-shirt, you can achieve the proper amount of concealment for safety and legal compliance with a Kydex holster.

Engineering and Design

The design of your holster matters just as much as the material and overall thickness. The contour of the holster must be smooth enough to be worn comfortably, but this contour must not add unnecessary bulk.

This balancing act requires a holster from a high-quality manufacturer that has invested in proper research and development. Some manufacturers may take cost-cutting measures on materials or on development costs, creating an inferior product that is uncomfortable or even unsafe to wear.

IWB holsters must also be carefully designed to cover the trigger and mold around the trigger guard. Any design that allows clothing or another object to get snagged on the trigger is a serious safety hazard.

Incognito Concealment has achieved optimal trigger guard safety, and also has adjustable retention on holsters. Depending on your frequency of use, physical activity, and other factors, you want to adjust the retention to help you keep your gun secure.

Customizable Features

One of the benefits of Kydex is that it can be colored, shaped, and customized easily. In addition to carefully-tailored sizes for different gun models, you can select the belt clip size, appendix modwing (claw), and hand orientation.

You can get your holster in a huge range of colors and patterns, too. Whether you’re searching for a classic natural brown or a hot pink holster to help set your gun apart, you can get the perfect holster for your personality and occupation from Incognito Concealment.

Quick Draws and Emergency Situations

The vast majority of gun owners never need to use their firearm in an emergency situation. However, being able to draw your gun quickly makes all the difference if that time does come.

Extra straps and snaps can make it more difficult to draw quickly, especially with one hand. Kydex designs reduce the need for straps because the stiff plastic can hold the gun in place until it is deliberately pulled out.

Get a holster that can be worn on your strong side. Cross-body draws naturally take longer, even after plenty of practice. Wear your magazine holster on your weak side to make reloading easier.

By practicing your quick draws and reholstering with a Kydex holster, you can achieve faster and more accurate draws. The right holster could change the outcome if you ever have to use your gun to defend yourself.

How to Use an IWB Holster

If you’re new to carrying IWB holsters, you’ll need to experiment to decide how to carry in a way that works for you. The typical concealed carry is on the hip, with the butt of the pistol tilted forward for easier access. This allows you to sit in chairs comfortably and typically achieve concealment without a jacket.

However, depending on your body shape, another carry position may be more comfortable for you. Some people prefer to carry their gun slightly closer to the small of their back, where it can be turned with the butt of the gun either toward your spine or toward your hip. Other people prefer the appendix carry, which is when the gun is placed in front of your hip.

The configuration of your clothing also matters. You likely need to buy pants one size larger than usual in order to fit an IWB holster inside. Wearing an undershirt beneath the holster and your skin can also help make the holster even more comfortable by wicking away sweat.

Check your outfit and holster setup from multiple angles to make sure everything stays in place and is comfortable. Once you have a good idea of how everything feels, go to a gun range and practice drawing and firing it.

IWB holsters require you to move your arm at a tight angle that may feel unnatural at first, so practice is a necessity. Muscle memory works in your favor in an emergency, especially if you are sweating and filled with adrenaline.

Benefits of Incognito Concealment Holsters

Incognito Concealment’s IWB holsters use the perfect blend of lightweight and strong parts to create a holster that works for a huge range of carry styles and body types. Our 0.08” Kydex is thick enough to hold up to wear and tear, but thin and light enough to keep you comfortable as you go about your day.

The stainless steel screws and belt clips make our holsters strong and secure for your peace of mind. Adjustable retention is a must for on-the-go CCW holders, so we’ve streamlined the adjustment system to make it easy to use and secure.

The ride height of our IWB holsters is designed to keep your gun near your waist, low enough for you to reach it but high enough to allow it to stay concealed. The profile is as slim as possible to keep it from adding bulk and sticking out through your clothes.

The strength and customizability of our IWB holsters make them a valuable addition to your equipment. Whether you concealed carry every day or only in certain situations, we’re glad our holsters can keep you and your family safer.

Getting the Best Holster for You

Gun enthusiasts can debate for hours about the pros and cons of different gun companies and models. No matter which gun is your favorite, you need a top-quality holster to go with it. Using a holster with cheap materials or poor design could result in damage to your gun or even harm you.

At Incognito Concealment, we understand the importance of investing in the best IWB concealed carry holster. We are a holster maker that values high-quality craftsmanship and durability, without cutting corners on safety.

Our holsters and magazine holders are available in multiple configurations and customization options. Call us with any questions or customer service needs at (586) 333-4240.