CZ Holsters

CZ is one of the most trusted firearms manufacturers of all time. CZ guns are effective self-defense options and great for all-day carry. However, having a great gun is only one-half of the equation. You also need a high-quality gun holster.

At Incognito Concealment, our open and concealed carry holsters are available for a wide range of gun models and are specifically designed to match the dimensions of your CZ pistol. Whether it’s a full-sized pistol or something smaller, Incognito Concealment has the holster for your exact needs.

CZ 75B IWB Holster

The CZ 75 design is one of the most successful handgun models, second only to the 1911. This full-sized pistol holds a whopping 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition, making it one of the best choices for self-defense concealed carry on the market. A Kydex IWB holster protects your CZ 75B pistol from sweat and corrosion, accidental firing, and blunt force.

The Incognito Concealment CZ IWB holster is the perfect holster for the 75B. Your draw is quick and easy due to the holster’s natural fit. The ride height is adjustable and the trigger guard ensures your gun is safe and protected while it helps to protect you.

Because the CZ 75B is a full-sized pistol, it can be bulky to carry, especially since its length is 8.1 inches. This can make it difficult to carry for long hours or during rigorous activity. Thanks to Incognito Concealment, this CZ holster offers a slim profile and snug fit. Whether you want to carry inside of the waistband or outside of the waistband, an Incognito Concealment holster can protect you and your firearm for all-day wear.

CZ P-09 Holster IWB

The CZ P-09 is the premier full-sized polymer-framed semi-automatic pistol offering from CZ. This handgun is one of the best in the world for self-defense, but it is made so much more effective when paired with an excellent holster. IC holsters are crafted to fit the exact specifications of the P-09 so you’ll always have an edge.

A major issue with ill-fitting holsters is that the gun becomes loose during carry and shifts around inside of the holster. This can result in damage to the gun, such as wearing off the finish. It can also make it more difficult to grip and quickly draw your weapon. The IC CZ P-09 IWB holster eliminates these concerns by providing a perfectly-fitting holster.

CZ P-10C Holster IWB

Compact guns lend themselves perfectly to IWB holsters. If concealment is your top priority for carrying your CZ P-10C pistol, you won’t be disappointed by Incognito Concealment’s IWB holster. Concealed carry is made easy due to the holster’s slim and low profile design. It is also effortlessly comfortable to carry for hours.

Having a holster that fits perfectly is even more important for compact and subcompact firearms. A holster that is too large can have disastrous consequences. If your gun has shifted when you reach to draw you can fumble, and that’s the last thing you want to do in an emergency or tactical situation. Incognito Concealment’s IWB holster can make a huge difference in your reaction time.

Carrying Concealed

When you carry concealed, you’ll find the best results when you carry on your strong side and have it within easy reach of your dominant hand. While there are other holster models such as OWB holsters, shoulder, ankle, and paddle holsters, IWB holsters are the most discreet, fitting into the waistline of your pants.

When you carry concealed, you have a distinct advantage of knowing that you can defend yourself and those around you at any time. Rather than advertising you are armed, concealed carry allows you to walk in most public areas without drawing attention to yourself. As always, check your local and state concealed carry laws to see where you can legally carry concealed.

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Incognito Concealment holsters are high-quality and high-performance. We endeavor to provide the best and safest carrying experience for our customers.

You can find a premium Kydex holster to protect your CZ pistol as you conceal or open carry. Whether you need an IWB, OWB, or paddle-style holster, our selection of high-quality, low-profile holster models can offer you the best in comfort and easy access. Browse our inventory of CZ holsters or give us a call today at (586) 333-4240 so we can help you find the right holster for your CZ firearm.