Affordable Kimber America IWB Gun Holsters

Affordable Kimber America IWB Gun Holsters

Nov 23rd 2022

kimber IWB Holster

Kimber America is most well-known among gun enthusiasts for manufacturing some of the finest 1911 pistols on the market in all form factors: full-size, compact, and subcompact. If you own a Kimber 1911 and enjoy conceal-carrying it, here are the best affordable gun holsters for your favorite handguns.

Best Kimber IWB Holster for Full-Size 1911 (5” Government)

Kimber’s most popular line of products is their selection of full-size 1911 models, based on John Moses Browning’s original design but modernized with today’s materials, manufacturing techniques, and accessories.

Full-size Kimber 1911 pistols are categorized into two groups: non-rail models and rail models.

  • Non-Rail Models

    Non-rail Government models resemble the original 1911 pistol, featuring a 5” barrel and no accessory rail on the frame. Examples include the full-size versions of the Aegis, Aegis II, the Eclipse Custom, and the Custom CDP.

    If you own one of these full-sized, non-rail Kimber 1911 pistols, the best affordable holster is the Incognito Concealment Kimber 1911 Non-Rail IWB Holster.

    This holster is a variation of the Incognito Concealment T3 that can accept original-pattern full-size 1911 pistols. Options include an appendix carry mod wing, 55 different colors and patterns, 2 belt clip sizes (1.5” or 1.75”), and both left- and right-hand versions.

  • Rail Models

    Railed frame versions of the full-size 1911 introduce a Picatinny rail to the classic pistol’s frame, making it compatible with a wide range of tactical lights, laser sights, and other accessories. Kimber produces a selection of full-size models with railed frames, such as the Kimber Warrior and the KHX Custom/RL.

    Due to the differences in frame dimensions, a full-size railed model will not fit into a non-rail 1911 holster. You will need a dedicated railed-frame holster, such as the Incognito Concealment Kimber 1911 With Rail IWB Holster.

    This model features the same features and options as its non-rail equivalent, including support for an appendix carry mod wing. Six sub-variants of this holster are available, compatible with the following light or laser sights: Inforce APL, Inforce APLc, Surefire XC1, Surefire X300U, Streamlight TLR-1, and Streamlight TLR-1 HL.

kimber IWB holster

Best Kimber IWB Holster for Compact 1911 (4” Commander)

Most compact-sized 1911 pistols are patterned after the original Colt Commander, which featured a shortened frame and a barrel length between 4” and 4.25”.

The frame height is identical to the Government models, meaning it accepts the same standard magazines. Kimber offers various Commander-sized 1911 pistols, such as the Pro CDP, the Aegis Elite Pro, or the Pro TLE II.

The best affordable holster for this family of pistols is the Incognito Concealment Kimber 1911 4” Commander holster, compatible with all 4”-barreled Kimber compact pistols and other Commander-sized 1911s.

As a holster based on the Incognito T3, it features everything a gun owner needs for efficient concealed carrying, including a low-profile construction, rigid trigger guard enclosure, and a sweat shield to protect your pistol’s finish when carrying.

Best IWB Holster for Kimber Micro 9

The Micro 9 is Kimber’s take on the subcompact 1911. Rather than using the .45-caliber Colt Officer’s Model as a starting point, the Micro 9 is a bespoke design based on the .380 ACP Kimber Micro but redesigned around the 9x19mm cartridge.

It features a 6-round single-stack magazine, a 3.15” barrel (0.4” longer than the original Micro), and deep concealment-friendly dimensions: 4.07” tall, 6.1” long, and 1.06” wide.

The Kimber Micro 9’s unique dimensions mean it won’t fit in a holster compatible with its .380-caliber counterpart. Consequently, you’ll need a dedicated holster, such as the Incognito Concealment Kimber Micro 9 IWB Holster.

This version of the T3 perfectly fits the Micro 9 and all its subvariants. You can upgrade it with the Incognito Discreet Belt Clip, enhancing concealment by making your holster’s belt clip less visible.

Find the Best Kimber Holsters at Incognito Concealment

All Incognito Concealment holsters are 100% hand-crafted by our team right here in the United States. We offer a wide selection of IWB and OWB Kydex holsters compatible with your Kimber pistols and handguns from over 20 other manufacturers. If you have any questions about our holsters, please contact us at (586) 333-4240.