Glock 42: Review of Gun Holsters
Glock 42: Review of Gun Holsters

Glock 42: Review of Gun Holsters

Oct 30th 2023

The Glock 42 is one of the smallest and lightest Glock pistols ever made, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry and general self-defense. It is a highly reliable small handgun that can be your primary concealed-carrying weapon (CCW) or a backup to a larger model.

If you own or plan to purchase the Glock 42, review the best gun holsters for concealment or everyday carry (EDC). Each model is designed to suit different needs and carry applications.

Glock 42 Review and History

The Glock 42 is a polymer-framed, striker-fired, semi-automatic pistol chambered in .380 ACP. Although it is not the first .380 caliber that Glock has produced, it is the first to become widely available to U.S. citizens.

Previous Glock .380 models, the Glock 25 and Glock 28, did not meet the criteria for lawful importation under the Gun Control Act of 1968. This effectively banned them from the civilian market.

American shooters had to wait until 2014 to hear news about a legally available Glock .380 pistol in the United States. Glock attended the 2014 edition of SHOT Show, one of the gun industry’s main conventions, to announce two new models: the Glock 41, a long-slide .45 ACP pistol for competition, and the Glock 42.

The G42 was one of the most anticipated models announced that year. It was the first new .380 pistol in the manufacturer’s lineup since the Glock 25 and the Glock 28 in the 1990s. As a subcompact pistol, the G42 excites concealed-carrying enthusiasts because it is an even smaller and slimmer platform than staples like the Glock 26.

Today, nearly a decade after its introduction, the Glock 42 is considered one of the best .380 subcompact pistols for self-defense and CCW purposes. It offers shooters the trademark Glock reliability and safe-action system in the company’s smallest-ever pistol platform.

Glock 42 Features

With an overall length of under 6”, an overall width of just under 1”, and a height of 4.13” with a magazine inserted, the Glock 42 is, by far, the smallest Glock pistol. It is also the lightest model available, weighing just under 16 oz. with a loaded magazine inserted. These specifications make the Glock 42 lightweight, highly compact, and easy to carry.

In addition to its compact dimensions, the G42 features a noticeably slim frame for maximum concealment. Unlike typical Glock pistols, which feature high-capacity double-stack magazines, the Glock 42’s frame is designed to use a short single-stack staggered-column magazine. The standard G42 magazine accepts up to 6 rounds of .380 ACP, giving the pistol a total capacity of 6+1.

Third-party accessories can improve the Glock 42’s magazine capacity. Examples include extended baseplates, increasing capacity by 1 or 2 rounds, or third-party extended magazines, which can hold 10, 12 rounds, or more. They also provide additional room for the shooter’s hand, improving ergonomics at the cost of some concealment.

Glock 42 Specifications

  • Caliber: .380 ACP
  • Overall length: 5.64”
  • Overall width: 0.98”
  • Barrel length: 3.25”
  • Height: 4.13” with 6-round magazine inserted
  • Weight: 13.76 oz. with an empty magazine inserted, approx. 15.9 oz. loaded
  • Trigger pull: Approx. 5.5 lbs.
  • Capacity: 6+1 rounds with a standard magazine

Dimensional Differences and Holster Compatibility with the Glock 43

Released in 2015, the Glock 43 can be considered a spiritual successor to the Glock 42. Both pistols are subcompact models with slim frames and a 6-round single-stack magazine. The primary difference is chambering; the G43 is chambered in the much more popular and powerful 9x19mm instead of the G42’s .380 ACP.

Aside from caliber, the G43 features several critical differences from the G42 in size and dimensions. The Glock 43 is slightly longer (6.26”), thicker (1.06”), and taller (4.25”). These differences mean that most holsters for the Glock 43 are too loose to give the Glock 42 proper retention.

Consequently, the Glock 43 will not fit in holsters meant for the G42. Avoid using a looser G43 holster. Instead, you should always use a holster designed to fit the Glock 42. A properly-fitting, purpose-designed holster will provide the best retention, preventing it from falling out and decreasing the risk of an accidental discharge.

The only exception to this rule is trigger guard holsters; this holster type does not wrap around the slide and only covers the trigger guard. The G42 and the G43 have identically sized trigger guards, making a holster compatible with one capable of fitting the other.

Best Holsters for the Glock 42

Owners of the Glock 42 have access to multiple excellent holster options for concealed carry, practice, competition, or general self-defense. Whether you’re looking for the ideal solution for deep concealment or need a comfortable, convenient holster to carry everywhere, Incognito Concealment has a model for you.

Glock 42 IWB Holster

Glock 42 IWB Holster: Incognito Concealment T3

Gun owners interested in achieving maximum concealment with the Glock 42 should consider a classic belt-mounted inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster.

The T3 is Incognito Concealment’s IWB holster offering, allowing you to conceal-carry a handgun of your choice in a durable, low-profile holster. The Glock 42 version of the Incognito T3 is designed to play to the handgun’s strengths, pairing the subcompact pistol with an equally lightweight and reliable holster.

The T3 features a holster shell constructed from slim Kydex sheets, minimizing printing. Its concealment-oriented construction ensures your gun and holster stay out of view while under your pants and shirt. The muzzle end of the T3’s holster shell is open, providing compatibility with a threaded barrel and a low-profile compensator.

When holstered, your Glock 42’s trigger guard is fully enclosed from both sides with hard Kydex. It enhances safety by preventing fingers or foreign objects from reaching the trigger and causing accidental discharges.

The back of the T3 also features an integrated sweat guard. It shields your gun from exposure to sweat, protecting the metal parts and finish from damage. It also provides extra comfort, ensuring your skin doesn’t rub against your gun when carrying it all day.

Glock 42 IWB Holster Options

Incognito Concealment offers the T3 with three belt clips: a standard 1.5” clip, an extended-height 1.75” clip for large belts, and a concealed-carry discreet model. The holster is available in right-handed and left-handed configurations and can be ordered with an optional mod wing for appendix carry.

Although the T3 is typically available in standard tactical black, Incognito Concealment offers a wide selection of custom colors. Color options include olive drab, police blue, hunter orange, and coyote brown. Other customization options include camo patterns like forest digital or navy camo and custom print patterns like We the People or money print.

Glock 42 Trigger Guard Holster

Glock 42 Trigger Guard Holster: Incognito Concealment Minimalist

Are you looking for the ultimate affordable holster option or an alternative to the traditional IWB model? Trigger guard holsters like the Incognito Concealment Minimalist may be the ideal solution.

The Minimalist is a super-lightweight holster that provides your handgun with the necessary retention and trigger guard protection it needs with no extra features. It is constructed from a single pressed sheet of Kydex with a cut on the side corresponding to the magazine release button.

The Minimalist can be fitted with a paracord rope to hold your holster in place while drawing. Alternatively, you can install a single belt clip onto the attachment holes, allowing you to wear it to your gun belt.

Because the Minimalist does not enclose the slide, the holster does not have to fit around the pistol’s slide dimensions, only those of the trigger guard. In the Glock 42’s case, the trigger guard is identical in size to that of the Glock 43, meaning the Minimalist should accept either handgun interchangeably.

Glock 42 Trigger Guard Holster Options

Although it is smaller and has fewer options available than traditional belt holsters, Incognito Concealment does offer some options to customize your Minimalist.

You can select a right- or left-handed orientation, just like the larger holsters. You’ll find the cut for the magazine release button on the corresponding side. It helps ensure you can swap magazines whenever needed, even while your G42 is in the holster.

The two accessory holes on the Minimalist are designed to accept either a length of paracord or a range of single belt clips. Compatible belt clips include Incognito Concealment’s standard plastic IWB belt clips or the HLR Discreet clip.

As with the T3, you can order your Minimalist in a wide range of colors, camouflage patterns, and custom prints to give it a personal touch.

Glock 42 OWB Holster

Glock 42 OWB Holster: Incognito Concealment Venture

Although they cannot be tucked inside your pants like their IWB counterparts, outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters are a popular choice for concealed carry. You can use an OWB holster to achieve the ideal balance between comfort, convenience, and concealment.

If you need an OWB concealment holster for your Glock 42, look no further than the Incognito Concealment Venture.

Because the Glock 42 is a slim and subcompact handgun, the holster shell is also small, giving it a lower profile than OWB holsters for larger pistols. This factor allows you to conceal your G42 efficiently with shorter shirts or cover garments. When paired with a mid- or high ride height and the right carry position and cant angle, you can conceal your Glock under most untucked shirts.

The Venture uses the same lightweight, high-durability Kydex sheeting as other Incognito holsters, making it feel as lightweight as your pistol. It gives the Glock 42 version a low overall weight that helps reduce gun belt sagging and keep your pistol concealed.

Glock 42 OWB Holster Options

Like the T3 and the Minimalist, you can customize the Venture to fit your carry preferences. Choose between the left-handed and the right-handed models and select one of three belt clip attachments: standard plastic belt clips or OWB belt loops, available for 1.5” and 1.75” belts.

You may also customize your Glock 42 Venture holster with the colors, camouflage, and custom print patterns.

Best Glock 42 Holster Accessories

Regardless of the holster type you prefer, the right accessories can help you improve the effectiveness of your concealment or everyday carry (EDC) setup. Examples include magazine carriers, low-profile gun belts, and mod wings.

Glock 42 Magazine Carriers

While the Glock 42 is renowned for its reliability and compact dimensions, its most well-known disadvantage is magazine capacity. Standard magazines hold no more than 6 rounds, and extended baseplates can only increase the number of shots before a reload by 1 to 2 rounds. While there are extended magazines, they increase your Glock 42’s height, making it harder to conceal.

The easiest solution to carry more ammunition is to pair your Glock 42 and holster with magazine carriers. They allow you to conceal-carry additional standard magazines on your belt, providing you access to extra ammo whenever necessary.

Incognito Concealment offers two types of Glock 42 magazine carriers: singles, which hold one extra mag, and doubles, which let you carry two. You can also purchase multiples of either and combine as many magazine carriers as you are willing to fit on your belt.

Low-Profile Gun Belt

As a gun owner, you may already know the importance of using a good gun belt when carrying a concealed weapon. However, did you know that your gun belt can be more discreet and help you enhance concealment too?

A low-profile everyday carry (EDC) belt has the same strength and durability needed to support a gun and holster as a standard gun belt. However, its materials, construction, and aesthetics are engineered specifically to help you achieve maximum concealment.

For instance, low-profile EDC belts like the Blue Alpha use a standard 1.5” belt width with a slim profile. Materials include high-strength nylon webbing, a reduced-noise polymer belt buckle, and color-matching stitching.

The result is a gun belt strong enough for any of your guns yet has a low enough profile to enhance concealability. It is ideal for subcompact handguns like the Glock 42, helping you draw even less attention.

Appendix Carry Mod Wing

Appendix IWB (AIWB) carry is the practice of carrying a handgun inside your waistband with the holster in front of your body. As a subcompact handgun, the Glock 42 is ideally suited for AIWB carry. Its low weight and frontal position on the gun belt help minimize sagging. Additionally, its short barrel length reduces the risk of feeling your slide or muzzle dig into one of your thighs while sitting.

However, because the G42 is a smaller handgun, you may need a higher ride height than you might with a larger Glock pistol such as the G19 or G17. Carrying your G42 appendix with a high-ride holster can present more of the grip for ease of access but also increase the risk of printing.

The best solution to address this issue is to modify your Glock 42 holster with an appendix mod wing. This accessory is designed to be attached to the edge of your holster, making a plastic wing or claw protrude outward and into your pants’ waistband.

The wing attachment leverages against your gun belt from the inside, pushing the holster so your gun’s grip presents inward. It minimizes the printing effect, particularly from a high-ride holster, helping you keep your handgun properly concealed.

Conceal Your Glock 42 Efficiently with Incognito Concealment

Our motto at Incognito Concealment is Dependable, Practical, Incognito. We offer a wide range of gun holsters for the Glock 42 and all your favorite handguns made according to these principles.

Each of our Kydex holster products is durable, lightweight, and low-profile, providing you with the best comfort, easy access to your gun, and maximum concealability. Whether you prefer traditional belt-mounted IWB and OWB models, appendix IWB rigs, or minimalist holsters, we have the concealed-carry holsters and accessories you need.

Browse our blog for more gun and holster information, such as our Glock 43 vs. Glock 42 review or our SIG P320 vs. SIG P365 guide. Contact us today for more information on our holsters and accessories or if you have questions about concealed carry.

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