Glock 36 Holsters

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    The Venture is a covert, outside the waistband holster designed to contour the shape of the wearers body, minimizing printing and maximizing comfort. This close-fitting, pancake design results in a highly versatile holster, capable of both open and...

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    Incognito Concealment's OWB is an outside the waistband holster designed for open or range carry. The paddle mounting system allows for quick, easy, and secure attachment to the user’s belt while still maintaining the retention and security levels...

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    The Stash is an inside the waistband, spare magazine carrier developed for those who would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. The low-profile, contoured design of the Stash makes it highly concealable without sacrificing comfort...

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    The M1 is an outside the waistband, single magazine carrier for those who choose to be prepared without sacrificing accessibility or comfort. The flat, pancake design rides close to the body, minimizing printing while concealed and allowing for a snag...

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    If you're seeking extreme minimalism with firm trigger guard retention, the Minimalist Trigger Guard is ideal. It ensures safety by fully covering the trigger guard, reducing the risk of accidental discharges. You can opt to attach it using paracord to...

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    The T3 is a low-profile, inside the waistband holster, allowing for maximum concealability while providing a level of comfort capable of all day wear. Design features such as a fully enclosed trigger guard, sweat shield, and adjustable retention ensure...

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Several years before Glock officially created the Slimline pistol family, the famous Austrian gun manufacturer introduced its first single-stack pistol to the market in 1999: the Glock 36.

Like many of its more modern counterparts, the G36 is a .45-caliber compact pistol with a slim frame and a single stack magazine, ideally suited for concealed carrying. Learn more about this pistol and the best carry holster options for it.

Glock 36 Features and Specifications

The Glock 36 is a subcompact pistol chambered in .45 ACP. Its dimensions are similar to its predecessors, the Glock 30, Glock 30S, and Glock 30SF, with one significant difference: the Glock 36 features a thinner, slim frame and a single stack magazine.

This design gives the G36 an overall width of just 1.18”, 0.2” slimmer than the Glock 30 and its S and SF variants. However, the slim profile comes at the cost of magazine capacity: 6 rounds instead of the G30’s 10.

Although the total ammunition capacity of the Glock 36 is one less round than that of a full-size, steel-framed 1911, it is smaller, lighter, easier to conceal, and equally as accurate, despite the short 3.78” barrel length.

It is an ideal choice for gun owners who need a subcompact pistol, but prefer the power of the .45 ACP cartridge over more traditional chamberings in this size category, such as 9x19mm or .380 ACP.

Choosing a Suitable Quality Holster

Although the Glock 36 is mainly intended for concealed carry, gun owners can choose from a wide range of suitable gun holster options. Here are some of the best options for concealed carrying a Glock 36:

  • Standard belt-mounted Inside the waistband holster (IWB)
  • Appendix inside the waistband holster (AIWB)
  • Minimalist trigger guard holster
  • Standard outside the waistband holster (OWB)
  • OWB paddle holster

Deeper Concealment with the IWB Holster

The IWB belt holster is the classic holster option for concealed carrying citizens because it efficiently uses the pants’ waistline and shirt to hide the gun and holster. A well-designed IWB belt holster should almost entirely disappear, except for the inconspicuous belt clip. The smaller the gun and holster are, the more efficient this carry method becomes.

Gun owners seeking the best Glock 36 IWB holster should consider Incognito Concealment’s T3 Kydex holster. This practical holster model is designed for everyday concealed carrying, featuring low-profile 0.08” Kydex sheets and a full-size sweat guard to protect the slide finish from sweat.

Due to the G36 magazine’s relatively low capacity, consider pairing this holster with additional magazine carriers, such as the Stash single magazine carrier or the MaxFP double magazine carrier.

An Alternative To Classic IWB; The Appendix Holster

Appendix carry is a popular carry method for gun owners with a smaller or thinner frame. This carry method places your handgun and belt holster directly ahead of your body (at the 12 o’clock position) instead of the side like a traditional hip holster.

If appendix carry is your favorite gun holster position, you’ll benefit from using a dedicated appendix IWB holster instead of adapting a standard IWB belt holster to this position.

The Incognito Concealment Hardline is the ideal solution for appendix-carrying your Glock 36. The one-piece design makes the Hardline a durable holster suitable for everyday concealed carrying, combining concealability and quick-draw capabilities. The design also includes an integrated single magazine carrier, extending the number of rounds at your disposal from 7 to 13.


Minimalist Holster Options

The minimum requirement for a gun holster is trigger guard coverage, preventing fingers and foreign objects from reaching the trigger and potentially causing an accidental discharge.

Although most holsters protect more than just the trigger guard, there are situations where any additional material over your handgun simply increases its profile, reducing concealability. Fortunately, Incognito Concealment offers the ultimate minimal concealable holster for your G36: the Incognito Minimalist Trigger Guard Holster.

This custom holster uses the safest minimum quantity of holster material to keep your handgun safe, with no superfluous extras. Secure the Minimalist to your waistline with the included paracord or an optional belt clip.

OWB Belt Holsters For Comfort And Smooth Draw

Although OWB models aren’t used as concealment holsters as often as their IWB counterparts, they are a popular alternative for gun owners who don’t find IWB carrying comfortable.

What this belt holster style lacks in concealability, it makes up for in personal comfort and ease of carrying and adjustment. This is because modern OWB holsters share design commonality with traditional military and law enforcement duty holsters, made for daily and all-day carry.

With the right handgun and holster design choices, you can still easily conceal an OWB holster, provided you wear an untucked shirt, a vest, or an equivalent cover garment. For these reasons, the Incognito Concealment Venture is an excellent choice for carrying your Glock 36.

Manufactured out of the same low-profile concealment Kydex sheets as the IWB T3 holster, the Venture belt holster is an easily concealable yet comfortable holster that gun owners can carry confidently every day.

If needed, the Venture can function as a dual-purpose holster, serving as a discreet holster for concealment or, if you are legally able, as an open-carry holster.

The Paddle Holster Offers Maximum Practicality

Depending on your local conditions, such as climate, current weather, or dress codes, wearing a traditional gun belt holster may not always be feasible or viable. For example, even if you find the perfect belt holster position when standing, it may not be comfortable for you if you spend most of the day in a seated position, such as inside a vehicle or on an office chair).

A quality paddle holster such as the Incognito ST7-Pro allows you to avoid compromising and re-adjust your holster to your desired position whenever you wish.

The primary benefit of a paddle holster is its ability to function and provide excellent weapon retention even if you don’t have a gun belt. Instead of belt clips, the paddle holster’s large paddle element “bites” into your pants using a set of plastic teeth. If you want to change the paddle holster’s position, press on the paddle’s top end to release the jaws, then adjust your holster accordingly.

Although they have a larger profile than equivalent OWB belt holsters, paddle holsters make up for it with unmatched convenience, making it a practical option to conceal-carry your Glock 36 in various scenarios and environments.